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The Purchaser (buyer) accepts full responsibility for their own actions as they relate to the purchase of (David D Dube and/or Polaris Trading Group.) software, services, information, and any published material. Purchaser hereby holds (David D Dube and/or Polaris Trading Group ), or any other entity of his harmless of any damages, or liabilities incurred by using such software, information provided, and/or services.

The Purchaser further understands that there is no refund of any kind offered, and that there are no guarantees of any kind given. The products and services are sold “as is”, without a refund of any kind offered. Purchaser enters into this agreement of their own accord, without coercion of any kind from (David D Dube and/or Polaris Trading Group)or any other affiliate of his. Purchaser further holds (David D Dube and/or Polaris Trading Group) harmless of any monetary loss, and/or emotional damage that may result from any decision(s)/action(s) Purchaser may make trading, or in the course of otherwise using the products, supplied information, and/or services.

The Purchaser agrees and understands there are no refunds of any kind offered, or given under any circumstances. The Purchaser has read this agreement, understands, and agrees to all of the above in full. If any of this agreement is in violation of a sate or federal law, the remainder will remain intact and enforce.

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We do not claim to have a special insight into the markets that prevent us from making mistakes. We do make mistakes. However, we believe our successes more than make up for our mistakes, and will continue to offer our education until proven otherwise. Observe our mistakes and utilize these lessons in your own trading programs.

Trading of stocks, and especially options and futures, may not be suitable for everyone. Though there are large potential rewards, short-term trading is very risky, especially when your accounts are fully margined. There is certainly a chance in which you can lose all of your money .If you are trading futures, there is a chance that your account can go negative, and that you will end up owing money to your broker.In addition, prior to buying or selling a stock, option, or futures contract, an investor will need a broker, and they must meet suitability requirements in order to trade these specific instruments.

All Software sales are final.