Welcome to Polaris Trading Group

Polaris Trading Group (PTG) provides institutional quality comprehensive futures day trading education that includes an Online Study Course, Live Trading Room and ongoing Training and Mentoring. Thirty-year veteran trader of Investment Banks and Hedge Funds, David Dube moderates the PTG Trading Room, where he provides traders specific information and institutional analysis on current market conditions.

Trading Methodology

Blending Market Profile (Structure), Volume Analysis, Statistical Price Zones (STATX), well defined Trade Setups with specific Entry, Exit, and Price Targets.

Each morning’s Pre-Market Briefing establishes specific actionable demand and supply zones from which to execute various trend or non-trend trade strategies. As the trade session unfolds, Dynamic S&R levels are continuously updated in real-time which keeps our traders in the “now moment”, avoiding pitfalls such as confirmation biases.

Our Mission

  • Provide the highest institutional quality trading education for our members
  • Help traders “unlearn” bad trading habits and form new empowering ones so that they learn to become consistent profitable traders
  • Provide professional grade analytical software and institutional trading strategies so the average retail trader can confidently trade along-side the professional “big money” traders
  • Demystify market action that enables the uninformed retail trader to become an “informed” professional trader
  • Empower each student to become a self-reliant, confident and consistent trader

Member Benefits

As a member of Polaris Trading Group you will learn the following:

  • How to identify and trade from the dominant side of market’s price auction
  • Multiple Time-Frame Price Momentum Trade Strategies
  • Specific high probability Price and Time Zones upon which to trade
  • One specific dynamic price level which acts as an anchor for the entire trading session
  • Market Structure: Law of Pivots and Law of Alternate Pivots
  • Identifying Signs of Strength and Signs of Weakness
  • Four (4) qualities that must be present before a trade is considered
  • Specific high probability PTG Trade Setups (Entries and Exits)
  • Learn Proper Trade-Risk and Money Management Techniques to Protect Capital

PTG Traders Tool-Box Software Suite

Professional Grade Analytical Indicator Tools that compliments the PTG Trading Methodology. Proprietary Designed Modules such as Balance Chart, Trender, Cycle-Trend, D-Level & Money Box, TargetMaster/X-Zones, Position-Sizing Reward/Risk Algorithm and much more…provides the retail trader with the added “edge” required to develop into a consistent professional trader.

Thank You for Visiting

I would like to personally thank you for visiting with Polaris Trading Group and would like to extend an invitation to take  a 7-Day Free-Trial to the PTG Trading Room. Come visit with us and see how our Methodology can help you improve your trading results.

Good Trading, David

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