PTG 3 Day Cycle

PTG 3 Day Cycle

PTG 3 Day Cycle (a.k.a. Taylor Trading Technique) was invented by George Douglass Taylor in the 1940’s. His core premise was that the market is manipulated in stages which repeat over and over. These stages were manually recorded using his “Book Method”. Now traders have access to an “Electronic Trading Book” via “PTG/TTT e-Book” spreadsheet emailed daily. The “PTG/TTT e-Book” is today’s electronic version of Taylor’s 1950 “Book Method”; shows that even in Bear markets, the “Smart Money” creates a positive 3 Day Rally in over 90% of the Cycles.

We offer 6 different “PTG/TTT e-Books” covering a wide range of markets including: US Index Futures and Indexes; European Futures; Gold, Silver and Energy Products; FOREX Futures; and BITCOIN Futures.. This is a recurring subscription of $59.95 per product billed monthly. Please contact us for multiple product SPECIALS

NEW PTG TTT 3 Day Cycle Add-On Indicator for NinjaTrader & Sierra Chart
PTG TTT 3 Day Cycle subscribers can now use a new Add-On Indicator (for Multicharts, MetaTrader, Sierra Charts, & NinjaTrader) to put the power of PTG TTT 3 Day Cycle on their charts as Lines and Labels. [Click here for more info]

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