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Here’s what some Members have to say:

“I struggled for four years to learn how to day trade.  I paid a mentor $1000.00 to teach me a system, I subscribed to market analysts, and I tried many trading rooms, but I never found success.  I realized that I needed a teacher, and I was very lucky to find David Dube and Polaris Trading Group.  David has great knowledge and experience, a system that works, and excellent software to back it up.  Thanks to him, I now have a much greater understanding of the markets, and thanks to his calm and logical manner, I am able to mirror his attitude while I am trading.  I am finally becoming profitable, and trading is much more enjoyable for me.  If you are looking for a great mentor, give David a try.  Thanks to his free trials, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.”

– Barbara L

“I have been trained by dozens of instructors in my profession of over 25 years. In that time I have never experienced a set of trainers/coaches like those at PTG. The founder, is the actual moderator / trader in the live room. He has shared the real secrets that have actually made him successful. He always keep me on the right side of the market…protecting me…from me. He identifies the most important proprietary levels prior to the market open. Had I solely known about these key levels I would have avoided years of losses. The most telling fact about PTG is that you are not going to hear new methods each day…the PTG set-ups work all day…every day. It may be a bit monotonous…but that is the way I like it. PTG is for real…I trade with them every day…and I look forward to chatting with you live in the room.”

– Jules L

“I have used several different trading educators over the years. The trainers at Polaris Trading Group are by far the best at giving one a deep understanding of the forces that shape the markets and make them move. I do not hesitate to recommend them to one who wants to learn how to trade.”

– BB, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

“The Polaris Trading Group trading program is the best program that I have ever had the pleasure to be affiliated with. The instructors are best traders that I have ever seen. I have been with several other programs. The PTG program is the first program that the instructors take a personal interest in me succeeding as a trader. Their method is very sound and they demonstrate it in the live trading room every day. If being a consistent winning trader is your goal, then this the place.”

– Kerk LeBlanc

“I have been meaning to write you for some time now with respect to my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your mentorship and support in effectively understanding the tenants of price and market structure to earn a living trading any market. You and PTG have more than shown me that you really do care that I learn how to trade, know when to trade and be patient for an entry on the right side of the market. I have spent several thousands of dollars investing in “guru” mentors who are considered “Stock market wizards”. It is without a doubt that I can honestly tell you or anyone wanting to know, that the value of PTG in terms of improving my effectiveness as a trader, is the single most important factor to my success as a professional trader. I only wish I had known about PTG a long time ago. If so, my Ph.D. in losses would have surely been pared down to a mere diploma, my learning curve dramatically shortened and lastly, the expense of education trimmed by more than I care to admit.”

– T. Bennett –Columbus, OH

“I joined Polaris Trading Group in 2008. I had my own methods but it was based on stock trading and that really is not the same as trading the futures. The moderators of the room are by far the best traders I have ever met. In less than a year, they have reprogrammed me to think the way a professional money manager thinks. They have also given me a skill set that I can keep for life.”

– Marc B., Florida

As one with no previous trading experience I consider myself very fortunate to have been directed to Polaris Trading Group.  David’s expertise, dedication to his members’ success, and work ethic have created confidence and belief in his tutorship and my trading progress.

-Ron M.

“PTG founder, David Dube’s extensive professional trading background has empowered him to develop a set of  proven and repeatable professional trading methods that he applies on a daily basis. The training material is excellent and if you are committed to learning, David is eager to provide additional guidance. I feel fortunate that David has dedicated himself to developing this professional grade service, and at a price that is reasonable and affordable for individual traders like me.  I believe the ongoing training, support and guidance offered by PTG  will insure my long term success.  I highly recommend this service to anyone who is dedicated to mastering the art of trading…

-Bruce B.

I’ve had many successes in my lifetime and have been very fortunate. When I started trading about 9 years ago, I expected to succeed. Wow — was I in for a shock! In all honesty, I believe that trading is one of the most difficult endeavors that I have attempted. I was about to declare “uncle” when I stumbled upon David and PTG. I had been through many, many trading rooms and methods and had spent a ton of money. David is the first one that showed personal interest in my improvements as a trader. Out of the many trading rooms and educators out there—there is NO doubt in my mind that David is absolutely the best. I am not criticizing others, many of the other methods work, IF you use them correctly. In my opinion, many people never really learn how to use their method correctly. So, you not only need a good method but you need someone to really show how to use it. David is truly an extraordinary educator and person. It is not often that you find a trader-educator that really knows what they are doing AND are willing to share that expertise. With his guidance, I have finally begun my path as a consistently profitable trader. I don’t want to leave a false impression, it’s not easy. You have to do the work, but with David’s training and guidance—you can do this!!

Melany (Lane) Delancey (Jan 2016)


Below are some Member Commentaries taken directly from PTG Live Trading Room Chat:

02:45:52 pm Steve B: Definitely the best room I have ever been in. I’ve tried many

Steve 9: David is honest about his entries and exits, and he tells us why he is in the trade so we can learn!

Bruce F: To all the trial members, you’ll make your membership fee back in the 1st week or so. Great deal and great people here…I’m talking annual fee

Steve 9: i was close to quitting trading a year ago, but learning from David is motivating me to keep trying
Bruce F: I agree with you Steve. This room was probably my last shot.
Steve 9: Bruce, lets keep listening to David and do our job well.
Bruce F: It helps being in a judgement free room as well

Wed Mar 05 2014 10:06:04  Steve 9: so, two L discounts worked and one SS premium this AM 3 for 3 on the signals

Wed Mar 05 2014 12:09:48  Bruce B: David – your training helping me tremendously… 3 for 3 today long off the discounts – focusing on something else the rest of the day…

Wed Mar 05 2014 12:12:01  Barbara L: Thank you David – I am so lucky to have found you.  As Van Tharp said, if you followed your plan and made money, pat yourself on the back.  If you followed your plan and did not make money, pat yourself on the back twice.

[ Tue Aug 12 2014 10:46:46 ] martin k: No question…just a statement of fact after over a decade of trading and visiting every room under the sun review of thousands of videos having read over 100 books on trading, trading with floor traders and being a past educator and room moderator, DAVE your grasp of trading is one of the best I have yet to find…sorry to sound kiss ass but had to state a fact
[ Tue Aug 12 2014 10:47:52 ] Mike D: I agree, i have joined few rooms in the past
[ Tue Aug 12 2014 10:47:55 ] Chuck T: I can tell my grand children I was in his room
[ Tue Aug 12 2014 10:48:02 ] David Dube: Thank You Martin and All for your kind words! 🙂
[ Tue Aug 12 2014 10:48:04 ] Chuck T: It is true
[ Tue Aug 12 2014 10:48:18 ] Chuck T: for sure
[ Tue Aug 12 2014 10:48:20 ] Mike D: I’m learning alot from the transparency

[ Tue Dec 16 2014 11:05:07 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) ] Rob R: great vision today David;  I doubled my acct today

[ Tue Dec 16 2014 11:05:34 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) ] David Dube: EXCELLENT!!  Fantastic Trading!

[ Tue Dec 16 2014 11:05:42 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) ] Rob R: sorry 50%

[ Tue Dec 16 2014 11:05:55 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) ] Rob R: but best day yet

[ Tue Dec 16 2014 11:05:58 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) ] David Dube: We’ll take it…