Balanced Market

As we noted last week; “price extremes on both edges, ranging from 1854.50 – 1884.75, with daily swings averaging 20 handles.” Looking at the 10-day profile, all those intra-day gyrations have formed a very large, potentially powerful “Balance Zone” between … Continue reading

Key Support Test

In yesterday’s DTS we opined that failure to penetrate PDH suggests further consolidation within multi-day value area, with possible test of key support zone between 1859 – 1862. That scenario played out as scripted, with progressive and increasing selling pressure … Continue reading

Building Pressure

An early onslaught of selling yesterday was quickly and aggressively absorbed as Bulls continue to buy every available dip in price. This action is quickly building pressure for the next explosive move and the probabilities currently favor higher. Definitive penetration … Continue reading