Three-Day Cycle Intact

Mr. Market’s Three-Day Cycle Rhythm of establishing an extreme low swing followed by an up swing to an extreme high has hit on cue for several cycles now during current consolidation phase.

The current swing is bullish having reached initial targets in overnight trade at 1890 handle. IF price can penetrate this level, THEN additional upside price targets 1892.25 – 1894.50, followed by extreme high at 1898.50.

IF this Cycle High is complete, THEN pullback to 1880 – 1882 zone is anticipated to illicit a buy response. Layered zones of acceptance have been 1876 – 78 with Three-Day Central Pivot Zone 1872 – 75.

Trade Strategy will be buy pullback to key reference zones highlighted above as larger degree price action continues to favor the bullish case.  STAY DISCIPLINED!

Remain Focused on the Trading Process….Not the Outcome….ALWAYS USE STOPS!

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Alberto Clerici

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Habitude Ten
I know anything can happen, and I can handle anything that does happen. I am open minded. My thoughts and perceptions are clear. I know what to look for. I have rehearsed everything. I adapt to change. I will listen to my indicators and the patterns that emerge. I will adjust and not demand that things continue as they first started.

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