10.01.13 Fed Gov’t Shuts Down…Life Goes On…

The Federal Gov’t shuts down (partially), and no…the world did not end!  Life goes on..surprise…surprise!

Markets held the open range yesterday after some early panic selling…price were firm all day creeping back up to prior weeks low at 1680. Overnight gains extended slightly to 1684 and reversed from the 3D CPZ and X-Zone.

Initial resistance today 1681 – 84 zone…Failure to recapture and hold this zone by bulls will continue to keep pressure on the sell-side. Initial pullback support 1674 – 76 zone is a must hold for bullish case, otherwise a retest of prior day low at 1667’s could come back into play.

Good Trading…David

Habitude Eight
I can recover from any setback. I have an attitude of abundance. I affirm abundance in the universe. I know I cannot begin to count the stars. I realize the ocean doesn’t care whether I go to it with a bucket or a teaspoon. I know the market provides a river of opportunities. I invest in my capabilities. I will be happy with my results.

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