Projected Balance Target (PBT)

PBT: Projected Balance Target, projected level that gets the completion of a symmetrical balanced ‘D’ shaped bell curve.

Steps to measure Projected Balance Target (PBT)

If the profile is “b” shaped or “p” shaped that means the point of control “POC” is either in the lower portion in the case of the “b” shape or higher portion in the case of the”p” shape. ( this is called “skew”. “b” is bearish, “p” is bullish).

  • If you take the price at the POC and subtract the price from the low in the case of a “p” or take the high price and subtract the price at POC in the case of a “b” shape you will get the distance of the potential bull or bear target.
  • Take that number and add or subtract it to the “POC” to get your target level… Think about what it would take the to turn the p or b shaped profile into a balanced D shape.


Credit to perduecapital