Polaris Trading Group (PTG) is excited to announce our new relationship with StockTwits.com

For Immediate Release

October 30, 2018

Polaris Trading Group (PTG) is excited to announce our new relationship with StockTwits.com, the largest social media platform for investors and traders. 
StockTwits is the creator of the Rooms Platform, a product that enables users to gain and share information from industry pros, on stocks or market trends, in an effort to better equip them to invest or trade. They can also be a way for investors or traders to create and interact with a personalized community of their peers who share their specific financial information interests. According to StockTwits, registered users of the platform generate and share more than 200,000 ideas and messages every day.
>>>Why has PTG formed this relationship with StockTwits?
Polaris Trading Group (PTG) has been educating traders worldwide for 5+ years and still going strong. Our “White-Glove” Full Service educational approach is for those developing traders seeking personalized special care and attention by offering a comprehensive Methodology matched with Trading Software and daily mentoring guidance in the PTG Live Trading Room. Typically, for  this level of service traders would expect to pay $600 quarterly subscription. 
Select the link to explore: PTG Subscriptions
Polaris Trading Group (PTG) also acknowledges that there are many more experienced traders that have their own trading methodology and software not in need of full service, but enjoy the level of expertise offered by PTG and would very much like to participate at a reduced subscription price point.
Polaris Trading Group (PTG) is pleased to offer via StockTwits Room Platform a scaled-down Compact Subscription for $79.95 per month.
What is included in the Compact Subscription?
  • Daily Trade Strategy ($79.95 value) Click here to view: DTS Briefing
  • Text Only Commentary (not time-sensitive)
  • Recap of Trades taken in the PTG Live Trading Room
  • Open access to Q&A during Trading Session  
For the cost of a cup of coffee ($3.99 per day), come join us if you are a trader seeking to connect with a community of like-minded serious traders, but do not need to high-touch “white-glove” full service.
Click on link to get started today ONLY $79.95. Don’t trade in isolation…Be part of a larger connected trading community.
Polaris Trading Group (PTG) trades with Truthfulness, Transparency and Profitability. Visit us @ Polaris Trading Group
We look forward to having you as part of our growing trading community.
Thank you and God Bless.

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