The chart above is the PTG TOTAL MARKET SYNC (TMS). This is a proprietary chart that was designed as an “index of indexes” so the trader can enter and exit the markets more effectively by capturing the majority of a price swing. It is has been said time and time again…”DON’T FIGHT THE TAPE”. So why do so many traders in-fact do just that? I don’t have the answer.

Trading “in-sync” with the markets will greatly improve the odds of a successful trade outcome when managed properly. The best part about TMS is its simplicity of interpretation. Designed similar to a traditional bar chart it lends itself to market structure and moving average analysis.

I have highlighted a buy trade which captured a 6 point move in the ES simply by using TMS along with traditional trade management tools. Click on the chart for a larger view with detailed comments.

Given the complexity of markets it is often better to Keep It Simple (KISS Method). This is exactly what the TMS is designed to provide the trader.

Good Trading

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