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Greetings Traders,

It’s been two-weeks now since Polaris Trading Group’s (PTG) inaugural launch on February 10th and I’d like to personally thank everyone that has visited the PTG Live Trade Room and would like to extend an invitation to all traders seeking to improve their bottom-line…Click on FREE-TRIAL to join today.

During the past ten trading sessions, PTG Price Levels and Trade Setups have performed admirably pulling in a conservative 30 S&P handles from our famed CCI X-Over System (Premium &Discount) Methodology.

Below is a Trade Review Pictorial sampling of “live trades” that were highlighted for our Members in the PTG Trade Room.

D-Level / Stat-X Zone Short Setup:

Money Box Target Zone:

CCI X-Over System (Discount):

CCI X-Over System (Discount):

CCI X-Over System (Premium):

Stat X-Zone Reversal Short:

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