Trade Strategy 10.13.14

Today is Cycle Day 3 (CD3)…Odds of 3D Rally > 10 = 82%; Odds of 3D Rally > 20 = 53%: Average Range on CD3 = 17.75; Max Range = 21.25; Possible High = 1938 75 – 1941 based upon 3D Cycle Rally; Possible Low = 1882.75 based upon violation of CD2 Low.

***Note: The odds highlighted are NOT predictions or trade recommendations, rather a guide based upon historical observed occurrences

Today’s Trade Hypotheses:

Scenario 1: Successful hold of PDL (1893.25) targets a retracement rally between 1900 – 1903 zone, then Central Pivot 1906.25. Continued strength above this level targets 1912 – 1914 zone, with TargetMaster Range Breakout Level at 1920.50.

Scenario 2: Failure to convert above PDL (1893.25) sets odds at 40% to trade down to violation target zone between 1882.75 – 1884.00. Further violation of this zone target 1873.00 down to TargetMaster Range Breakdown Level at 1863.50

Trade Strategy: With intra-day volatility on the rise with swings of increased magnitude in either direction, our main trade strategy will be to remain open and flexible to two-side trade, both long/short from key Decision Point Pivots (DPP). As always, remaining in alignment with dominant intra-day force increases probabilities of producing winning trades.

Stay Focused…Non-Biased…Disciplined   ALWAYS USE STOPS!

Good Trading…David

Habitude Twelve
I am disciplined. I behave in a way to reach my goals. I do what I intend to do. I have the intent to win through right actions. I will be patient for patterns to emerge and mature. I am decisive. I decide easily and act promptly. I act in the right way and right on time. When there is nothing to be done, I will wait.


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