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As I watch (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) I start to think “can this happen”
or “did this happen” and I looked up to the real story and found the following .
True story of Emily Rose who was actually ( Anneliese Michel )
Anneliese was diagnosed by doctors as suffering from grand mal epilepsy, a condition of the brain that causes severe seizures.
This, compounded by other possible mental and psychological disorders, resulted in hallucinations of demonic faces and voices. Her religious parents apparently baffled and frustrated by their 16-year-old daughter’s increasingly psychotic and often violent behavior chose to thwart the medical diagnosis and sought an exorcism.
For years, the Church refused to grant an exorcism. They accepted the medical diagnosis, finding no supernatural criteria to warrant an exorcism. There were certainly very serious and highly disturbing symptoms: Anneliese would mutilate herself, eat flies and coal, drink her own urine and physically lash out at her family. A profoundly disturbed girl. But there was no levitation, no documented telekinesis (heck, even poltergeist cases have some telekinesis) – nothing whatsoever that could be deemed supernatural.
Making Matters Worse
Despite this lack of evidence, however, in 1975 the Michels finally convinced priests to perform exorcisms – a whole series of them, in fact, sometimes two rites a week! Certainly, this only reinforced Anneliese’s delusion that demons were inside her. And not just any demons. She claimed to be possessed by the spirits of Cain, Judas Iscariot, Nero, even Adolf Hitler, among others.
Only for a short time did she seem to improve because of the exorcism rites. But soon the mental anguish returned with a vengeance. She stopped eating and her knees ruptured from the 600 genuflections she performed obsessively.
Ultimately, the exorcisms failed. On July 30, 1976, Anneliese died of starvation, and her parents and exorcising priests were charged with negligent homicide – and rightly convicted.
The exorcisms failed because there was nothing to exorcise. Anneliese Michel was not possessed; she required heavy duty medical attention. Had her parents sought proper medical care for their daughter instead of seeking refuge in superstition, Anneliese might be alive today. With the improved medications and treatments now available, she might even be living a normal life.
I ponder for some time thinking, wow, this girl was very religious and had actually studied religion to the extent where she could use her second set of vocal cords
as the Tibetan Monks do in there studies and she learned the language of the old
Bible which included Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.
Anyone who learns the language of the old bible and trained her second set of vocal cords as the Monks do is dedicated, disciplined and strict, three common words I have read and heard for many years over and over again and again, as I think you will agree, so why am I writing this, to put in perspective what I am about to embark upon.
In 1973 the movie EXERCIST shocked the nation, and sent fear of demonic possession thru the world. Annaeliese manifested a fear in what she was going thru within her mental state, being so religious, the devil and his temptations where to be (resisted) at all times, and I say to my self, this poor girl died due to her resistance of the devil. “WHAT WE RESIST PERSIST”
What really what took place, was what we all do in our daily lives, relationships, careers and mostly as traders (WHAT WE RESIST PERSIST) the two greatest struggles we have as traders is ( fear and greed ) every day I go in to my office trying to play out the day and telling myself I am not going to take shitty trades or no scalping just good trades that make sense, and the day starts and I become someone else WHY, I have asked myself that question for years, I have a better idea now, I either trade on fear or greed, and you are saying to your self, hell we all know that, but what we are unaware of is how much are we feeding our fear or greed, I ran across this tale that might make this more clear
This story is about a Native American grandfather talking to his young grandson.
He tells the boy he has two wolves inside of him struggling with each other. The first is the wolf of peace, love and kindness. The other wolf is fear, greed and hatred. “
Which wolf will win, grandfather?” asks the young boy.
“Whichever one I feed,” is the reply.
That is it “whichever one I feed”
Will I feed Greed today and put many contracts on, or will I feed Fear and not take the trades when I see them and then get frustrated and play catch-up with some lousy
trade that comes next.
We as traders have to stop feeding our wolves, like Annaliese, she studied and was disciplined, strict and dedicated to the church as we are in our trading but she feed her
Resistance of the devil way to much and it cost her, her life.
We do this when dieting, we feed fear of getting fat, and as a country we are the fattest in the world, but we have the most diet fads, hum. we also do it in our relationships, obsess about something someone does or we think they may do, that we destroy what we have for no reason, and lastly our careers, we put limits on them because we are afraid of failure so we never take a chance or push ourselves due to feeding the fear wolves in our mind.
I truly think that if we stop feeding the fear and greed wolves in out minds and say to ourselves “WHAT WE RESIST PERSIST” many times a day and really start believing we are in control of our destiny, we as traders would see a big difference in our trading results as well as in the rest of our lives.
So start now and say to your self “WHAT WE RESIST PERSIST”
What we feed will grow like all things in the universe.
I leave you with some last words.
Accept your winners equally as you do your losers do not give more weight to either one
greed kills as does fear, we need balance in our trading to become successful.
What ever you resist it will persist know this or you will die in the markets, just as poor Annaliese Michel did with the devil.

P.S: Always trade with equal contracts or shares as this will balance your winners and losers

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